You are invited to join me a super sacred offering that I am incredibly excited to share with you. One of the hardest parts of being a solo-preneur is getting the consistency, accountability and the emotional support you need to keep going and GROWING even when it’s hard. After hosting the LightMaker Book Club earlier this year, I saw the MAGIC of simply having weekly support in all these areas. In Practical Magic, I once again was reminded of how powerful women connecting in groups with the intention of growth was. Together we are able to keep cheering each other on, hold ourselves accountable to our goals, feel that sisterhood and support with each other and be in a container where my guidance can hold you and usher you along on your path. I know that women from both groups were blown away by the progress they were able to make with this special container and I, personally, was blown away by the growth I saw and how much it lit us all up!

So after much reflection, I’m overjoyed to invite you to the “Spread Your Light Mastermind” — you have been hand selected because of your energy, your business and because I think you would be an AMAZING part of this group of power house women who are growing their businesses and spreading their light.

This Mastermind is different than any of my other offerings because it is specifically targeted to SPREADING YOUR LIGHT — aka growing your business and your audience (social media, mailing list, etc). I’ve found these subjects intermingle with the other work I do but I knew there was a big need for a focus specifically on this — because what we focus on EXPANDS.

Sometimes being spiritual and heart-centered makes us lean away from a targeted focus on growing our audience (and/or clients, customers) because it feels too “cold” for us. THIS IS BULLSHIT. And it’s holding us back from sharing our GOOD, HEART-CENTERED work with the world. The Spread Your Light Mastermind will be a place where we can be unapologetic about how far and wide we want to share our service centered work and take my “practical magic” approach to both Earthly strategy and action plus energetic alignment and magical magnetism.

Okay, I could literally wax poetic about it forever because I’m sooo crazy excited for how EPIC this is going to be but let’s dive into logistics!


  • We start first week on August ( Likely July 29th or 30th because our calls will be Sunday or Monday —- time and day will be decided based on voting from members via questionnaire linked below)
  • You will get PRE-WORK to sink your teeth into because I’m GIFTING all members my Spread Your Light Online Course ($397 value) to jump start you and get your wheels spinning around where you want to go with your business and what growth goals you have.
  • We will meet once a week via zoom video call (you can also call in) and you will be sent the recordings every week immediately afterwards in case you can’t make it one week because you will undoubtedly learn so much from the other ladies questions and shares in the group.
  • The weekly video chats will help you kick off your week feeling EXCITED, EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to go spread your light and make some moves!
  • We will get clear on our weekly goals and monthly goals and FOCUS in on these 1-3 SPECIFIC goals to help you make intentional progress. Our weekly calls will hold you accountable to sharing where you are at, what actions (both practical + magical!) you’ve taken each week and what your next step is. I will also be there to help you find clarity and provide guidance around what those actions might be if you need help as well as aide you in tackling any resistance that comes to the surface as you begin to up level and get to a new frontier in your business.
  • Each week I will also spend sometime on our call providing you with new strategies and insights based on what’s coming up for the group. I have people on my team that are always researching the latest social media algorithms and business growth strategies on all platforms and I’ll be constantly sharing the latest with you as it applies to your goals.
  • Topics will include content and growth strategy for your mailing list, instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Snapchat. We will also talk about website optimization for clients, customers, and growing your audience and beyond.
  • The commitment is for a full year because I’ve noticed 6 months feels like we are just getting started (everyone is always craving longer!) and your expression of appreciation will be only $497/month.

AS SPECIAL BONUS, we will also have Social Media Expert and previous client of mine, Lauren Herr joining us and providing you with additional strategy and tools. Here’s a little more about Lauren’s background and what she will sharing with all the Spread Your Light Mastermind women..

Lauren Herr is a Social Media Director/Mentor and has developed social media strategies and content in the high tech, wellness, entertainment, and higher education industries. She currently leads the Social Media and Video Marketing team at Santa Clara University in the Silicon Valley, where she also leads quarterly social media and video summits for the SCU community. She loves teaching others to develop social media strategies unique to their own audiences and goals, while also being conscious of social media’s growing impact on individuals and the industries they help drive.

Lauren will be providing everyone in the group with additional help via:

  • Sharing her resource guide on basic social media best practices/what tools to use/social strategy 101 towards the beginning of the mastermind. It would also include how to stay organized and on-track.
  • Customized social media audits/strategy guidance for each woman towards the beginning of the mastermind.
  • Mid-way customized strategy check-in with each woman (revisit the strategy and make any adjustments/pivots/additional suggestions)
  • Additional Resource/Guide for how to hire an intern to help with social media

I am thrilled to have Lauren joining us and sharing her strategic insights with the group as a compliment to my mentoring.

If you are a HEAVENS YES (and I hope you are!) then please fill out this questionnaire so I can have a log of where you’re at your goals and your time/date preferences for meetings: https://goo.gl/forms/gqvib6zifOeDc0SN2