10 Things To Pack For Staying Healthy While Traveling.

In this week’s blog I wanted to share with you my favorite healthy travel companions. So many of you loved my Instagram stories of everything I was packing right before I left for Israel and New York for two weeks and requested different links that I wanted to put it all together for you in a nice little blog post and video.

As so many of you already know, I am no stranger to traveling and over the years I have gotten more and more savvy about what I need to pack in my carry on so that I can feel happy, healthy and lit up while venturing away from my home base. With summer just around the corner, I am sure a lot of you are also planning vacations, week-end getaways and even little road trips to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some R+R or do some exploring so I’m hoping these products that I’ve totally fell in love with (and keep me sane and feeling good on the road) are useful to you as well.

Traveling is the BEST when you are feeling rested, nourished and present but it can quickly be the worst when you feel exhausted, hungry and like you are running on empty! Let’s rig ourselves for travel bliss by planning ahead and adding small touches to keep our wellbeing rituals on track regardless of where in the world we are.

Check out my video below for a little sneak peak into my carry on goodies and check out the links below to grab any of my go-to’s for yourself this summer!



Cassandra’s Healthy Travel Haul MUST HAVES:

  1. Sage and/or Palo Santo to cleanse your hotel room and claim the energy as your own.
  2. Obsidian crystal oval for energy cleansing and psychic clearing after big crowds and airports.
  3. Rainbow daily pill case so that you get happy just at the thought of taking those supplements!
  4. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli cups for those grab + go breakfast mornings.
  5. Superfoods Green Powder to add to your water to keep you energized and alkaline.
  6. BareOrganics Powdered Coconut Milk Powder for a dairy free caffeine fix every morning, everywhere.
  7. My favorite wind-down night time teas: Tulsi Sweet Rose Holy Basil (for stress relief + magic), Fennel (for de-bloating) and Peppermint (for digestion).
  8. Mini in room night time facials with my Aveeno Positively Radiant Overnight Facial Moisturizer and divinely relaxing Jade Facial Roller.
  9. Boku Immune Tonic Sprayย to keep me healthy and going strong all trip long!
  10. My adorable palm print backpack that has now safely made the transition from travel bag to life bag.

So there you have it! My travel must haves, my secret sauce for staying refreshed and balanced even after traveling all over Israel and then spending a week with back to back meetings in NYC. I can safely report back that no only was I healthy the entire time, I was in great spirits and felt very loved up! Also, Israel was probably the most epic trip of my life thus far but I will have to save the details on that for another blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your favorite travel companions? How do you take your well-being rituals on the road? I want to know! Comment below or underneath the video.

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