Tofu Waldorf Salad.

In this week’s episode of Eat with Intention TV, Cassandra makes her tofu waldorf salad, it’s a great, easy healthy lunch for yourself or when you have guests. You can find the full recipe in her book “Eat with Intention” as well as tons of other great, intentional, plant-based meal options!

This salad is a weekday favorite of mine for something nourishing, delicious and ‘restaurant’ feeling with out the fuss, price or sneaky ingredients! It’s also one of my favorite dishes to serve as a first course (on small plates!) when I’m hosting people for a dinner party!

Making the Tofu Waldorf Salad is pretty simple as you can see in the video but here’s a little grocery store “cheat sheet” to help you stock up on all the ingredients before you dive in!

Tofu Waldorf Salad.

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By Cassandra Bodzak Serves: 2


  • organic dairy-free yogurt (coconut or cashew are my favs -- unflavored!)
  • fresh organic parsley
  • organic ground oregano
  • 2 organic lemons
  • organic EVOO
  • 16oz package of organic firm tofu
  • organic dijon mustard
  • organic baby kale
  • 1 organic granny smith apple
  • organic garlic powder
  • organic grapes (red or green is fine based on preference)
  • organic chopped walnuts



Watch Eat With Intention TV episode above for cooking instructions.

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