Cassandra Bodzak offers several holistic business consulting services listed below. Please click on your program of interest for more information on enrollment, pricing, and program details.



Cassandra Bodzak is also available for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars. Please see the types of workshops Cassandra teaches and contact us below:

Meditation 101.

(45mins) Cassandra will guide your group through four different styles of meditation ranging from visualization, mindfulness, mantra to kundalini and explain the different ways each kind can be helpful in every day life. She’ll also provide tips for beginning a meditation practice and answer any question from your group. This offering is customizable to your group’s personal intention, i.e.. focus & clarity or accessing your intuition, etc.

Creating A Love-based Business.

In this talk, Cassandra shares her journey launching a business from her heart and following her own intuition every step of the way. She’ll discuss how to discover your personal calling, find your unique voice, grow on social media by spreading good energy and market your services from an authentic place. This talk can be customized to the level of entrepreneurs in the audience and where they are at in their journey for optimal impact. Cassandra will offer a Q+A after her talk.

When I Realized Food Couldn’t Fix Me.

Cassandra will share her transformational story about going from disordered behaviors around food, exercise and her body as a young adult and how after getting very sick she was able to find peace with food through an elimination diet. She’ll go in to how we use food to control other things in our life, reach to it for comfort and love or stuff ourselves full to numb our feelings while sharing personal stories and triumphs. She will also discuss the importance of loving our body right now instead of putting that in the future or after a certain size is attained.  The audience will leave with increased consciousness around their relationship with food and their bodies as well as with actionable tools to start eating from a more aware place of self-love. Cassandra will offer a Q+A after her talk.

Contact Brigid for booking inquiries assistant@cassandrabodzak.com